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What this site is for and Why I created It

The first time you realize that there is something out there and that anyone can do it.  You probably are like me and

Wix Site Failed

This is what my first try doing a website looked like when I was using Wix

assume the worst.  I personally know about many too good to be true options when all you want to do is make a little extra money on the side.

Let me say hi first of all, my name is Eric and I am the owner of this site.  My goal is to provide the simplest ways for people to find the Real ways to make money online and that aren’t going to get your precious money leaving you with nothing but junk.

I started doing this not very long ago, in fact just earlier this year I was in the same situations as many others.  I was running all over the place curious how I could earn a few bucks, without having to spend anything to do so.  I was even going from site to site taking survey’s.

Swagbucks Survey Site

I still use Swagbucks, I just don’t want this to be a primary source of income.

It just seemed to me like I was providing far too much information and was getting paid in pennies.  This to me was a lot of time spent and very little reward.  Nothing against anyone who likes those sites, but they was never gonna provide for me the money I needed to live my life my way.

My First Year was not easy, and I wish I had found out a few things prior to the survey experience

More about my personal journey, I even fall prey to an work at home scam.  This to me wasn’t all bad, I was able to actually learn enough information to figure out that the program was about 8 years past it’s usefulness.  Technically maybe it was quite the scam that others would say.

For me thought that first loss of $50 was painful, I was forced to go back into the surveys and scrap together a little bit more to bring my motivation back.  What I did after is what started to change my life for th

Work At Home

This was a mistake, but I learn from my mistakes.

e best.

What I really wanted to find when I was looking to work online

I knew from my first experience that information will only take me so far.  I needed a place that would be there for me even when I didn’t really feel I could do anything.  I felt that I didn’t have the skills to succeed online because I didn’t know any kind of code.

That all changed on April 26th this year.  I had seen a lot about a place called Wealthy Affiliates and had accidentally clicked a link. Before I knew it I had been welcomed and encouraged to not only try this site for 7 days free, but to also ask questions.

Wealthy Affiliate Lesson Plan

Excellent Training Aimed at Beginners

This is Great I was thinking to myself but I still am not quite sure this place is gonna work.  7 days free is great but at some point you know that things will change.  So I decided from day 1 to take all this information and run with it.  By this I mean learn fast, do things and find out if I can make any money.

On Day 3 of the trial, I realized I could go premium for $19 dollars and save up enough to buy a domain and a 2nd month.  So that’s exactly what I have done to this point.

Amazing What all I have Learned

Wealthy Affiliate Lessons

This Was All Done On Day and I Kept Going

WA has already changed my life in several ways, and now I am at a point where I get to share some of that experience with others.  Nobody has asked me to make this site, it was completely my decision as I already have another site.

Let me say something before I give away the goods as they say. WA isn’t just a place for me to learn, it’s also a place for me to fit in and belong.  I have no idea of what anyone really thinks of me and it honestly doesn’t matter.  Everyone is friendly and helps each other so much, that I really do believe this community alone is worth any investment I can ever make here.

My Advice for anyone Reading This page

Wealthy Affiliate offers The Best Training in The world

So much great Training

Follow what I suggest, I will be doing this full-time.  I can’t promise that you will have the same success as anyone else doing this.  That is all up to the work you actually put in to everything. But what I can promise you is that you will gain a ton of knowledge as far as how to make a full-time income online.  I suggest taking this at your own speed and not trying to rush through anything.  There really is no benefit to trying to take shortcuts, or trying to dupe others into things.

Your first priority is to build trust with people and that isn’t something that is gonna be easy.  I know for me that it’s actually quite difficult to put my own information out there.  But there really isn’t anything that uncomfortable about doing so once you gain the confidence to be able to share you own opinions.

Well that my purpose with this site, if you would like to ask me question or find out more about me.  Just comment below and I would love to respond promptly.  You can also learn more about wealthy affiliates Here.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and may you find the success and happiness I have. Please leave your comments and questions below and I will respond to each one.



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